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Today we had another day with lots of sunshine :-) The first part of the route led us through a valley on a quite big road. I didn’t like this part very much. Still the small villages we passed were very nice. Later the route turned into a small path which led right through a forest. Unfortunately the 150m upwards we had to go downwards again. From here another road led upwards to 1100m. Then the road turned to a mountain path which led us finally up to Refuge A. Wills – named by a famous British mountaineer. For dinner we had cheese fondue and steak with polenta :-)

The weather was still bad today. We walked in fog almost the whole day. We started at Refuge de Lac Vert and walked to Alp Lapisa. There we had some coffee and tea to warm us up. From there we continued to Refuge Golese. Actually we wanted to stay there, but then we decided to go down to Samoens. The path we acutally wanted to walk from Refuge Golese was still covered with lots of snow and we were told to better take the route through the valley. On our way down to Samoens the weather was changing and the sun came out! Down in the valley we enjoyed a nice evening with self cooked pasta and sunshine on our balcony.

The breakfast this morning was formidable! I think there was EVERYTHING! Since we were the only guests…everything was for us :-) There was coffee, juice,cheese, apples, oranges, cornflakes, baguette, cake, selfmade marmalade,…and much more :-) Anyway…unfortunately the weatherman was right. Most of the day we had rain, wind and fog. Anyway…the worse the weather the nicer it is inside the hut – right beside the warm oven :-)

Today we arrived in Châtel. As far as I know this is a quite famous place for skiing. However right now in the summer it is like a ghost village… almost no one is on the road and most of the hotels are closed. After one hour we found a supermarket. The weather forecast for tomorrow does not look very promising-thunderstorms and rain, rain, rain… To have some flexibility we decided to stay in the valley this time. We have a nice accommodation for this night which is a big contrast to Refuge de Bise yesterday 🙂 Talking with French people is mostly fun and it works somehow… but still it is difficult sometimes. Hopefully the weather will get better soon.


The first day is always the worst day – at least for shoulders and feet :-) We had the perfect weather today. The first part of the way lead us through the forrest upwards all the time… The second part was much more interesting because we had a much better view down to Lake Geneva. The first hut – Refuge Bise – serves no food. Actually nobody is here… Later just a hand full of other guests arrived. Now I am glad we did a stove test before :-) So we were cooking pasta with sausage and cheese… and with some chilli. It was simple – but great!