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In March 2011 we had a job interview in Graz. We spent one day in this really nice city. You can walk up a small hill and have a great view of the city from there. This is really good, especially at night. The interview went well and therefore we went up the hill again, we visited a nice cafe, had some coffee and Apfelstrudel and enjoyed a great view of the city.

Today we started to cycle along the coast road in the direction of Puerto de Mogan.
But at Arguineguin we left the coast road and continued on a smaller road to Soria.
The road went through a nice barranco. In the beginning it was only a little bit steep, but when we came closer to Soria it became very steep, up to 14%, for about 4 kilometres. When we arrived at the lake we had a break and enjoyed the view around.

The way back to the coast road was very easy and quick. Nevertheless we had to be careful during the many turns to not be hidden by a car. When we were back on the coast road we decided to stop at one of the many bays that are close to the road.
There we spent about one hour laying in the sunshine enjoying the sound of the ocean in front of us.