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Tannheimer Tal – Friedberger Klettersteig and Rote Flueh

We stayed at a camping site in Grän. From there we took the Füssener Jöchle railway up to the mountain. There we started to walk to the beginning of the Friedberger Klettersteig. We had a great view down to the valley with the blue Haldensee. From top of the Schartschrofen we went down the Friedberger Klettersteig. From there we continued to walk up the Rote Flüh. From the summit of the Rote Flüh we could watch some climbers on the Gimpel. That looked scary. Then we walked back down to the valley and wanted to take the bus back to Grän. But there was no bus to Grän! We were already too late. We asked some other hikers which were so kind to drive us back to Grän with their car.

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