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This was our first trip to Mallorca. We composed a video which gives some impressions of this manifold island. At the office we sometimes take a short break to watch it 🙂 - imagining being back at this nice place. We will definitely come back!

Today we made use of the good weather and decided to take a day off. We took our bikes and cycled to the climbing crag in Stetten. It is quite small but very nice and top rope climbing is also possible. The wall is approximately 8-10m high, but has routes in all grades. It is nicely situated in the vineyards. This link provides more information.

Es Trenc is an about 5 km long beach in the south of Mallorca. The white sand and the cyan water create a magic atmosphere of pure holiday and rest. Especially in the warm months Es Trenc seems to be a popular place for tourists - at least according to the big number of available parking lots (~6€ per day!). We have been there in the low season - hence there were only a few other people around. For those who don't want to just lie in the white sand the beach offers a great opportunity for taking a walk. Further information can be found here.

A bay like a dream - this is Cala Pi! We only met a hand full of people at this beautiful place. The water was still quite cold but still we decided to go swimming 🙂 To the left and to the right steep cliffs rise up about 50 meters. The water color varies between a cyan and a deep blue. On the right reside a few old fishing boats. Even though it is just March the white sand has been warmed up by the sun. Directly right behind a small shelter a hidden path leads up to the cliff. From here one has a tremendous view down on the bay and onto the wide sea. A small path leads into southern direction towards the sea. I think this is quite close to how some people imagine the paradise 🙂

But how to get there? Luckily this is quite simple - one can follow road PMV-6014 and then the signs saying "Cala Pi" (which is also the name of a small village right beside the Cala Pi bay).