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On our last La Palma holiday I did lots of experiments with my X-T1 camera. This time I was especially looking into time-lapsing. La Palma is the perfect place for doing this kind of videos. In this short video we want to show the highlights of our last holiday. Lots of stars, clouds and sunsets... 🙂 In order to make this video we visited many different places of the island. Some of them were Roque de Los Muchachos, Mirador del Jable, Mirador del Time and Pico Birigoyo. The music title "Worlds" has been composed by Jacob Tyler. I found it on I hope you enjoy the video 🙂

On a hot sunny Sunday we decided to cycle to Stuttgart airport. There is a very cool place right in front of the runway (see google maps) where the airplanes come in for landing and leave for take off - right over your heads. This is definitely nothing for everyday but worth to see once 🙂 The videos have been recorded with a Fujifilm XT-1 camera. Post processing was done with openshot.


This was our first trip to Mallorca. We composed a video which gives some impressions of this manifold island. At the office we sometimes take a short break to watch it 🙂 - imagining being back at this nice place. We will definitely come back!