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The weather was said to be perfect for one day and so we decided to take a day off and drive to Oberstdorf. We wanted to go the Heilbronner Weg which is one of the most beautiful paths in the Alps because you have a great view around.

We planned to go from the Fellhornbahn to Einödsbach, from there to the Waltenberger Haus and up to the Heilbronner Weg and then down to the Rappensee Hut. We wanted to stay at the Rappensee Hut and go down to the valley the next morning. When we started in the morning it was really really cold, but the sky was blue and when the sun came it was nice and warm. But when we arrived at the Waltenberger Haus we saw that the complete way up was covered with snow and ice! We talked to the owner of the hut and he said he would not recommend us to continue. So we decided to stay at the Waltenberger Haus and just enjoy the view and the atmosphere of being in the mountains again. The sky was clear this night and there was no moon so we had a great view and could even see the milky way!

On a very sunny and hot day we decided to do another via ferrata above Riva. In the morning we took the boat from Torbole to Riva. From there we started and took the small road which goes along the lake. After about 20 minutes there is a small path leading into high grass. It looks like this path is not walked very often. Later we realized that most people who do this via ferrata are coming directly from Biacesa. The path which leads to the beginning of the via ferrata Susatti is quite small and steep and we are already completely in sweat when we reach the beginning of the via ferrata. Walking up the via ferrata is not difficult, so we have a lot of time to enjoy the view down! The lake is so blue and because of this view it is really worth going up there. When we reach Cima Capi we take a short break and then continue on the via ferrata Foletti until we reach the small hut. Because of the heat we are already tired, but Cima Rocca with the old galleries from World War First sounds promising. So we continue. Luckily we have a torch with us. It is really worth going this way as you can pass the old galleries. Going down we take the direct way to Biacesa. By the time we arrive there the sky is completely covered with clouds and there is no bus going back to Riva. So we walk along the old road to Pregasina directly above the lake. Back in Torbole we are really tired and looking forward to a big pizza and our hotel room.

About 3 or 4 years ago we already did the via ferrata Rio Sallagoni which goes through a canyon. By then we were a bit scared by the second part which was said to be without anything to belay yourself. This year we were in a good mood to start because we were looking forward to the coolness inside the canyon. I personally do not like the first part, because it is overhanging and you have nothing under your feet, but Carsten enjoys it. With shaky legs I walked along the two ropeways and when most of the people left after the first part we decided to continue this time and take a look at what we missed last time. Mostly you have to go up 3-4 steps above the water but it is a lot of fun and on a hot day like this we don't mind getting a bit wet. It is definitely worth to continue 🙂 All in all a very nice via ferrata for a hot day, but you have to be careful because the rock is mostly very slippery.

The morning was looking quite cloudy, so we decided to do something that does not take too much time and so we decided on the via ferrata Colodri. This is an easy via ferrata in Arco which ends on the Colodri summit which is 400m high. By the time we are at the beginning of the via ferrata it is already really hot! We have not done a via ferrata for about 2 years and so an easy one is a good start. It is a lot of fun to go up and we enjoy the view down to Arco. On the summit we take a break. Back in Arco we buy some fresh olives and bread and enjoy the atmosphere of this nice town. Because it is so hot we decide to drive to Drena which is only about 10 minutes away and do the via ferrata Sallagoni which goes through a canyon.

This year we spent some days again at the Lake Garda in Torbole. We stayed in a really good sports hotel - Aktivhotel Santalucia.

On the first day we rented mountain bikes. From Riva we cycled along the old road to Pregasina. This road is really worth walking along or cycling. Many people are cycling this way but most of them go directly to Lago di Ledro. We cycle to Pregasina first. Until then the road is paved and cycling is easy. After that the road becomes a path which goes through a forest. Many times we have to get off and push the bike. From Bocca Larici (about 900m high) you have an amazing view down on the lake. From there we continue up to Passo Rocchetta. There we have reached the highest point and can now enjoy some cycling on almost the same level before the descend. Actually we wanted to continue a bit further and then go down to Lago di Ledro. But because of the weather forecast and the clouds we decide to skip the last part and go down to Biacesa. This way down is very steep and we are lucky that the rain did not yet start because otherwise it might be slippery. From Biacesa it is not far back to Riva and Torbole. All in all a really nice bike tour, we will definitely do this again.