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The Schesaplana is a quite famous mountain. Actually I am not sure why that is... maybe just because it is the highest mountain in the Raetikon area..Some people told us that it is very nice up there. So we decided to give it a try. The Totalphut was already closed. Still the weather was perfect and so we decided to take our tent with us. To be continued....

Another weekend in the Rätikon was ahead of us. We went by bus to the Lünerseebahn and walked up to the Douglas Hut (the same as we did two weeks before). From there we walked to the beginning of the via ferrata Saulakopf. It must have been the hottest day of the year! We were exhausted and sweating when we arrived at the beginning. And there were many many people! But we quickly put on the gear and started before the group of around 10. The way to the top was very exhausting, because of the hot temperatures. We climbed up in the sunshine with a great view to the Lünersee. On the top we had some food and decided to go back to the Douglas Hut quickly, because huge clouds were beginning to cover the sky. The descent down to the hut was also very exhausting, we had no more water and it was still very hot. We had some Skiwasser at the hut and decided to stay there over night (actually we wanted to go to the Totalp Hut). In the evening a huge storm arrived. It was very nice to sit inside the warm hut and watch the weather outside.

The next morning we were a bit lazy and decided to walk up to the Totalp Hut and look for a nice place to relax. We found one and layed in the sunshine for some hours. Then we walked back down to the Lünerseebahn and drove home.

We started our weekend holiday at the Lünerseebahn. You can take the bus from Bludenz to the mountain railway. We didn't use the railway. We walked up to the Lündersee and Douglas Hut via the 'Böse Tritt Steig'.

From the Douglas Hut we walked to the Lindauer Hut. There were many people. The Lindauer Hut has a nice garden with many plants which live in the Alps. We slept at the Lindauer Hut.

The next morning we walked up to the via ferrata Gauablickhöhle. On the way to the entrance you have a great view to the 'Drei Türme'. The via ferrata is really nice, not so difficult, a great view and a 400m long cave in the middle of the via ferrata. From inside the cave you cannot see any daylight and that was really scary!

At the end of the via ferrata you have a great view to the summit of the Sulzfluh. The path to the summit was full with snow. We walked up and enjoyed the view. We saw many people coming up the via ferrata and decided that we also want to do it. But not today - for today we decided to go to the Tilisuna Hut and have a nice dinner. We couldn't believe it - but we were the only people there! The hut only for us two - great!

We got up very early the next morning and started to walk to the beginning of the Sulzfluh via ferrata. The via ferrata was great - one of the best we have done so far! A great view and never boring. We were the first this morning and the only people on the summit! Great 🙂 After a good breakfast on the summit we walked back to the Tilisuna Hut and then down to the valley.