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We stayed at the Biberhof camping site in Biberwier and started our trip early the next morning. We drove by car to Arzkasten where we parked the car.

We walked through a forest up to the Lehenberghaus. Then we were a bit confused, should we follow the signs to 'Wankspitze'? Acutally we wanted to go up the via ferrata to the summit of the Wankspitze. Then down to the Coburger Hut and up the via ferrata Tajakante.

After looking at our map we realized that the Wankspitz via ferrata goes the other way round, you have to walk up in the direction of the Coburger Hut and then you can climb up the Wankspitze from the other side. That would mean we have to walk the same way twice when we want to go to the Coburger Hut afterwards. Therefore we decided to descent the via ferrata.

From the Lehenberghaus we walked up to a place called Lacke. This is a really nice place with a great view in the valley below. From there we continued to walk up the Wankspitze. A very nice summit. You have a great view from top of it.

We did the via ferrata in the descent. It was not difficult, but to do it in the ascent is more fun I think. You have to be aware of falling rocks the whole time in this via ferrata. This is a bit annoying.

Before we finished the route we met some people without helmet! This is very dangerous.When we finished the via ferrata we realized that it would not be possible to do the via ferrata Tajakante on the same day. It was already quite late. So we decided to walk up the so called Hölle (hell in English) which is a way up with many many pebbles. One step forward leads to two steps backwards or so 😛

After the so called Höllenreise we could see the Hinterer Tajakopf. The walk up there was really nice - down to the Drachensee and the Coburger Hut. And to the other side to the Vorderer Tajakopf with the via ferrata and the Zugspitze.

After some food and rest at the summit we had to walk all the way back to Arzkasten to our car. Quite a long way! All in all the tour took about 11 to 12 hours.

A long trip but with this beautiful weather really great! 🙂