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At our first day in Colonia de Sant Jordi we decide to explore the island by bike. A nice goal for today seems Cap de Ses Salines in the very south of Mallorca - about 18 km away. Our first plan is to take the direct route along the beach. After 20 minutes we give up because lots of fine grained sand spoils the party. So we take the road instead. First the road  leads to a village called Ses Salines. On this road there is still some annoying traffic. Maybe 10 minutes after leaving Ses Salines we turn right to a smaller road. Here we are almost alone on the road. The road is more or less straight and directly leads towards the Cap de Ses Salines. What we realize is that EVERYTHING to the left and to the right of the road is a "private" area - protected by fences or stone walls. The only thing which seems to be public is the road itself. The meaning of the word "private" (lat. privare = bereave or  release) certainly depends on the context here. Finally we arrive at Cap de Ses Salines. Beside a small light house here is basically nothing - just the sea and breakers 🙂 It is nice to just sit here watching the waves crushing on the rough coast.