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Valparaíso – the colourful city at the sea

Valparaíso is only a two hour drive away from Santiago and definitely worth a visit! Getting off the bus I was a bit lost in the city and went in the completely wrong direction. Nevertheless I found some good street food there 😀 Luckily I found the way to the famous hills with their ascendors shortly afterwards. Valparaíso is just great for walking around, looking curiously around corners, walking stairs up and down and getting lost in the city's charme. And if you do not follow the advice of the German Department of Foreign Affairs you might even go an a ride on an ascendor 😀

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Hi, I am Lisa! I love being outside! In the summer I like to spend most of my time hiking in the Alps or cycling. In the winter the best place for me are the Canary Islands with their amazing landscape and perfect climate.