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Via Heiligkreuzkofel and Zehnerspitze to Fanes

After four years we are finally back in the Dolomites! The crossing of this mountain range from Abtei to Cortina has been on our wish list for a long time. We take the bus to Abtei and from there walk up to the Rifugio La Crusc. The rifugio is directly below the Heiligkreuzkofel and the view around is amazing! We can see Marmolada, Piz Boe, Geisslerspitzen and a lot more of the beautiful Dolomites!

After breakfast the next morning we walk along the wall of the Heiligkreuzkofel thinking about Reinhold Messner climbing up this wall on one of the most difficult climbs during his time! After about 2 hours we are on top of the massive where it is very spacious. There we continue to the top of the Heiligkreuzkofel, then further on via a short via ferrata to the top of the Zehnerspitze. The view is amazing! We take a long break and then go on to Fanes. Fanes is a very beautiful place. There are many Italian tourists, but we are lucky and find a sleeping place at a cosy alp 🙂