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Riding on an Icelandic horse through Reykjadalur Valley

For many years I had the idea in my mind that one day I would like to go riding on an Icelandic horse in Iceland! And for today I booked a riding tour at eldhestar. My horse for the day was a mare called Spök and she was really lovely! The ride was about six hours and we rode through the Reykjadalur Valley. In this valley there are many hot springs and a lot of them are very active! We rode past some that have a temperature of about 100° C. After about three hours riding we stopped had lunch and took a bath in a hot spring! That was perfect! Riding an Icelandic horse and trying the tölt, a gait only the Icelandic horses can do, is really a thing one should do in Iceland 🙂

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Hi, I am Lisa! I love being outside! In the summer I like to spend most of my time hiking in the Alps or cycling. In the winter the best place for me are the Canary Islands with their amazing landscape and perfect climate.