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Bike and Hike Allgäu – Schnippenkopf

Our first summit this year! We cycled up to the Gaisalpe. Actually we wanted to see how far we can go to the Rubihorn - but there was still too much snow! So after having a drink at the Gaisalpe we had a look at the Entschenkopf. It looked like the snow was mostly gone there, so we decided to give it a try! But after we came to the back of the mountain we saw that there was also a lot of snow! We walked for about 10 minutes through the snow but there was a very steep snowfield besides us and we felt really uncomfortable, so we returned. But the summit looks very interesting and we will definitely come back when the snow is gone. Instead we walked up to the Schnippenkopf. Our first summit this year! 🙂 We stayed a long time and enjoyed the view 🙂