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El Pino de la Virgen and via Reventon Pass to Refugio Punta de los Roques

Today we did a really great hike! In the beginning we were not sure what to do, but then we decided to drive to the visitors center and park the car there. From there we walked to the Pino de la Virgen. The pine is about 800 years old and there is a small chapel next to it. The canary pine trees are very special. Their needles always consist of three and they can take water from the clouds and they are very robust even against fire. So we passed this special pine tree and then a nice "camino real" begins. It is an old path that connects the West and East of the island. After about one hour we arrived at the Reventon Pass. From there we continue along the caldera. For about 5 minutes we walk through some trees that look a bit like the foggy forest on La Gomera! But shortly after we leave the trees behind and enjoy the view around! We walk for about two hours until we reach the Refugio Punta de los Roques. This is a small hut where one can stay overnight! This sounds really interesting, so next time we will bring our sleeping bags with us. To look at the sky from here must be perfect! In front of the hut is also the place where we can look inside the caldera for the first time today! Amazing! We stay there for some time, being watched by ravens, before heading home the same way. This hike can be highly recommended! 🙂