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On top of Rappenseekopf & Hochrappenkopf

It is autumn again! October can be really beautiful in the Alps! The colors and the light are unique. And when the weather forecast predicted three days of sunshine we just had to take a few days off from work and took the next train to Oberstdorf.

In the morning we took the bus to Birgsau and from there we walked to the Rappenseehütte. Our plan was to sleep one night on the Rappenseehütte, go the Heilbronner Höhenweg the next day, sleep on the Kemptener Hütte and go back down to Oberstdorf on the third day, depending on the weather forecast..

We had blue sky and lots of sunshine the whole day and still we did not meet many other people. We arrived at the hut at about lunch time, so we decided to go for another walk in the afternoon. Actually we wanted to go up to Biberkopf, a very prominent summit in the area, but it was already too late for that. So we went in the direction of Biberkopf and after about one hour we reached the Hochrappenkopf. We stayed only for a few minutes, because the wind was strong and cold. From there we continued to Rappenseekopf. The Rappenseekopf is a beautiful summit. Right opposite you can see the Hohes Licht summit and down the lake with the Rappenseehütte. We stayed for a while and enjoyed the day. Then we hiked back down to the hut where we enjoyed pasta and apfelstrudel 🙂 Not long after eating we slipped into our sleeping bag and slept really well until breakfast 🙂