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Hiking to Pico Birigoyo

This morning the weather was looking perfect! And so we decided to take another walk on the Ruta de los Volcanes - the volcano route. We did this walk already two years ago and it is just amazing. There is a path going along the whole Cumbre Vieja from Rifugio El Pilar to Fuencaliente in the south of the island. But we take it easy and walk only the first part of this route. We park the car at Mirador Del Jable (28.617327, -17.848487). From there we follow a small road for about two kilometres into the forest. Here you can already see lots of black ash. Then we turn left and walk up for about 300 metres. After leaving the trees behind us there is an amazing view! To the west we see the clouds below us and to the north there is the huge caldera! The sky above us is completely blue! Following the path in the direction of Rifugio El Pilar there comes a sign post. The part that shows up has been removed. But still the path is ok to walk. It leads directly up to the caldera of an old volcano! When you reach the caldera it is possible to walk one big round around it! It looks not far away but it takes a long time to reach the highest point of Pico Birigoyo (1807m). There we take long break and enjoy the view around - you can see Tenerife with the Teide and La Gomera! Then we walk down to Rifugio El Pilar and back to Mirador Del Jable. I think this tour is one of the best of La Palma! When you want you can also continue walking along the volcano route further south for about 20km 😉