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Via Ferrata Susatti

On a very sunny and hot day we decided to do another via ferrata above Riva. In the morning we took the boat from Torbole to Riva. From there we started and took the small road which goes along the lake. After about 20 minutes there is a small path leading into high grass. It looks like this path is not walked very often. Later we realized that most people who do this via ferrata are coming directly from Biacesa. The path which leads to the beginning of the via ferrata Susatti is quite small and steep and we are already completely in sweat when we reach the beginning of the via ferrata. Walking up the via ferrata is not difficult, so we have a lot of time to enjoy the view down! The lake is so blue and because of this view it is really worth going up there. When we reach Cima Capi we take a short break and then continue on the via ferrata Foletti until we reach the small hut. Because of the heat we are already tired, but Cima Rocca with the old galleries from World War First sounds promising. So we continue. Luckily we have a torch with us. It is really worth going this way as you can pass the old galleries. Going down we take the direct way to Biacesa. By the time we arrive there the sky is completely covered with clouds and there is no bus going back to Riva. So we walk along the old road to Pregasina directly above the lake. Back in Torbole we are really tired and looking forward to a big pizza and our hotel room.