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One day and one night in Florence

In the afternoon we arrived in Florence. We stayed at hotel B&B Repubblica. The hotel is situated in the city center and therefore a good place to explore the city.

We absolutely wanted to go to the place where all the famous photos of Florence where taken. So we asked the friendly staff at the hotel and they explained to us that we have to cross the river and then go up a hill to a car park. So we crossed the bridge which has some houses and stores on it, mostly jewellery is sold there and started to walk up the hill. It is really worth going up there, because the view of the city is just great! There were many many people and also some live music. When you are there it is worth to visit the garden with lots of different roses and also the garden with irises (they only bloom a few weeks a year and we were there during the time!). In the evening we enjoyed some good pasta.

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