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Mallorca – Cala Pi Bay

A bay like a dream - this is Cala Pi! We only met a hand full of people at this beautiful place. The water was still quite cold but still we decided to go swimming 🙂 To the left and to the right steep cliffs rise up about 50 meters. The water color varies between a cyan and a deep blue. On the right reside a few old fishing boats. Even though it is just March the white sand has been warmed up by the sun. Directly right behind a small shelter a hidden path leads up to the cliff. From here one has a tremendous view down on the bay and onto the wide sea. A small path leads into southern direction towards the sea. I think this is quite close to how some people imagine the paradise 🙂

But how to get there? Luckily this is quite simple - one can follow road PMV-6014 and then the signs saying "Cala Pi" (which is also the name of a small village right beside the Cala Pi bay).

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