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Winter Hiking around Oberstdorf

This weekend was said to be quite sunny. Therefore we decided to spend two days in Oberstdorf. We haven't been there for three months and started to miss the mountains. When we woke up on Saturday morning the weather was fine as promised. There was a lot of snow the day before. The famous Breitachklamm just opened on this day. Actually it is full with icicles the whole winter, but this year it was closed until Saturday because of too warm temperatures! We walked from Oberstdorf to the Breitachklamm and enjoyed the view down the canyon. It is an amazing natural spectacle! From the end of the Breitachklamm we continued to walk up in the direction of Söllereck. Close to the cable car station we enjoyed a coffee and cake before walking back down to Oberstdorf.

On Sunday when we woke up it was snowing heavily. After breakfast we went to watch some ski jumping. We have never seen someone doing it before and it looked very scary! Afterwards it was still snowing and so we decided to go bouldering in the climbing hall. That was fun! When we came back outside the sky was blue again and the snow stopped. So we enjoyed some more sunshine before taking the train back to Stuttgart.

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