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Best crepes ever in Lyon

When travelling from the Mediterranean Sea back to the Alps it is a good idea to stop in Lyon. From Marseille we took the TGV to Lyon. It was the first time on the TGV for us and it is really fast!

The first impression of Lyon was that it is also very noisy. We were not able to find a nice place to sit down and enjoy a coffee. Nevertheless after some walking around we were able to fine the old town. There were some really small street with nice restaurants and bars. We enjoyed a delicious crepes and ice cream there.

There is also a nice place to go up and have a great view above the city - the view is worth going up there during the day and night. Close to the top of the hill is also a theater which reminded us of Rome.

During the night all famous buildings were nicely lighted up and there were many people out in the old town so that it was not so easy to find a place to eat. In the end we ended up with a salad and crepes which was fine 😀

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