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Alpine Crossing 2013 – Day 46: Sospel – Menton

Today we FINALLY reached the sea…can’t write too much now…have to cool my feet :)

UPDATE: The sea here is nice and warm :) Just quite A LOT of people hanging around thinking the same and a big noisy road directly leads along the coast and thus along the beach. Probably many people not even realize that but for us coming from the quiet mountains this was a big contrast. There is almost no sand at the beach – just bigger stones. In the evening we found a very nice place at the sea away from the road where a band was playing live music :) We bought pizza and wine and sat down listening to the music. Today was a public holiday in France. What we did not know was that a fire work was planned for the evening. When we just arrived back at the hotel it started – luckily the hotel had a big roof terrace in the 7th floor from where we were able to see everything:) It was a little “Dream Hotel” feeling – like in the German TV series :P This was a nice finish for our tour :)

Btw. We were very lucky to find a hotel in Menton which was not yet fully booked. Many people currently enjoy their holidays at the Cote d’Azur… However we found one room for only one night not far from the beach…and quite expensive. Actually when we decided to walk to the sea we were looking for a small city which is not so full of people (this is why we did not walk to Nice). But in fact between July and August every place close to the beach seems to be very desired.
Another thing we underestimated was the heat. Almost always above 1000m we had about 10°C less. But walking down to 0m the temperature seemed to increase with every step.
One last thing to mention – again – is the weather. We were thinking that the closer we come to the sea the more stable the weather gets – because when we looked at the forecast for Menton it was almost always good. However this assumption was wrong. There is a big difference between being right at the sea or 1 km beyond.