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Alpine Crossing 2013 – Day 37: Rifugio Campo Base – Rifugio Gadetta

The night we spent in our “bungalow” was not as nice as I expected. The first time I woke up at 1:37am…it was a little cold so that I had to take a blanket. The second time I woke up at 4:00am…it was bloody cold – even with blanket. There are always two blankets per person. The stupid thing is if one places it in the other corner of the room. I thought I will not need it but I was wrong. It took me another 20 minutes to finally decide to get out of my sleeping bag to get the second blanket… For a moment I opened the door and looked at the sky. It was a clear night…the stars were amazing! The night sky is not as good as on La Palma…but it is still very good. Maybe I will go here one summer with my telescope…the only question:”How to get here by car?” :) Anyway…getting up this morning at 5:20 was a pain…at least for me. My clothes were cold,  I was tired…and again no coffee this morning. Still I was somehow glad to leave this container and walking finally warmed up my hands and my feet.

For the first 30 minutes we walked through the dark. Then the sun was bright enough. Three hours we walked through a forest and the path always just climbed a little. Probably I am repeating myself…I don’t like walking through the forest because I only see trees…. Anyway…after we reached the first pass on 2200m we walked an old military road down to 1800m. In our 1:50000 map this road looked quite short…but in reality we walked and walked and walked… Finally we climbed up 600m again to 2400m. This was very nice since we had a tremendous view. At the pass we already saw our accommodation for today – just 20 minutes away. The hut lies on a green meadow left and right enclosed by higher mountains. At the hut there are man different animals: They have one big horse and one very very small horse, two donkeys, two dogs, one cat, two goats and one pig :) And they all are living together like one big family! It is amazing! In the afternoon we ordered a huge plate with salami, cheese and bread…o m g… I didn’t know that we can eat so much :D

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