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Alpine Crossing – Day 32: Rifugio Jervis – Rifugio Giacoletti

Our plan for today was to walk from Rif. Jervis to Rif. Giacoletti. We assumed to need about 7 hours. The weather forecast was quite good – just a few clouds in the afternoon. After a very good breakfast we started quarter past 7. The first 30 minutes of the path were just road on the same level. Then the road turned into a path and we climbed up to about 2400m where the next hut was located. On this path we found the “valley of mosquitos”. There were so many mosquitos even above 2000m – I did not expect this. But I guess this is already the effect of going further into the south. Not only the mosquitos are higher in the mountains – also the trees and the grass is much higher than where we started.
From the hut we continued further upwards to a pass on about 2650m. This pass was very interesting – on the one side completely blue sky on the other side completely fog. Unfortunately we had to descent to the side with fog. So for the next 4 hours we neither saw the sun nor the sky. We further followed the path to our destination. The last part was very steep and we walked through a big snow field. The hut was completely hidden in the fog – we saw it just 20 seconds before our arrival. Later the fog disappeared by magic and we had a great view on Monviso – which is 3841m height. Tomorrow our plan is to continue to Rif. Martre which is a quite new one. Lets see how far we come this time :) Actually I just realized that we already completed 2/3 of our path to the sea. This is a great feeling :)

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