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Alpine Crossing 2013 – Day 24: Rifugio Vulpot – Rifugio Trüc

Oii…the last night we both did not sleep very good. The bed was wobbling around whenever we were moving…and made strange noises. The plan for today was actually to just climb down to Bussoleno. We just had to go up about 600m and then 2000m down. We planned to be there at about 2pm since another thunderstorm was in the forecast for today. But everything we planned didn’t work out. We followed a marked path upwards to the pass. After about an hour the path disappeared in a huge green bush. There was no chance to get around it. It was quite steep so that we finally had to give up this way. It was quite stupid that a path in the map which was even marked and where still were signs to its destination just ended in nowhere. There was another but longer path drawn in the map – even thicker – which lead to the same pass. So we decided to walk back and take that one. We climbed up to about 2500m. There was a small hut. We tried to find our way and walked upwards another 100m. We could not see a single marking – even if the GPS said we are on the right track. We decided to go back to the small hut and ask for the right path. The guy send us back upwards – right the way we just came from. We were angry with ourselves since we did not just continue to walk upwards before. After another 150m upwards this path ended as well. The path became quite narrow and very steep to the left and to the right. We went down to the hut again – very angry…especially because the weather forecast said thunderstorm for 2pm…and we “lost” about 3 hours just because of non-exiting tracks. Probably the guy at the hut just thought we are stupid German tourists who cannot read a map… We had to replan and decided to go to Rif. Truc instead. This was another 3 hour march. We arrived at 2pm – but…no thunderstorm today… :P Tonight we sleep on the attic :) – hopefully better than last night ;)

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