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Alpine Crossing 2013 – Day 21: Pialpetta – Balme

Today I wish I would have exchange my ice axe by a bush knife… Almost the whole path led through forest and bushes. There are probably many hiking people who like exactly this kind of path – but I don’t. In fact I am glad I didn’t catch any ticks this time! Compared to yesterday I can now say that walking 1000m upwards is different from walking up 1500m…this time the ascending didn’t want to come to an end… I don’t like writing negative about the gta or the via alpina. After this day however I at least have to say that I am disappointed from this part of the path. Nobody seems to care about this part of the path – neither the marking, nor the path itself. We lost the path two times today walking into a wrong direction. Furthermore the path was once no longer there due to erosion and parts of the path were no longer recognizable since many plants grew over it. After 8 hours and 10 minutes we finally arrived at our destination for today – Posto Tappa Les Montagnards. The food served here was exclusive and absolutely great :)

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