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Alpine Crossing 2013 – Day 16: Rifugio Tetras Lyre – Rifguio G. Muzio

What a long day. Our feet hurt and we don’t want to move anymore – today :) Actually we planned  to walk only half a day after the Gran Paradiso. We wanted to sleep at Rif. Citta di Chivasso and we thought arriving at about 2pm on a Tuesday would be sufficient to get two places to sleep without prior reservation. So this assumption was wrong…when we arrived the owner told us that the hut is already completely booked. Up to this point the path was absolutely great. First we climbed up a nice and narrow mountain path from 2000m to about 2800m. There we had a long break. We were able to see the Gran Paradiso from here. From there we walked down 400m and then continued through a very wide and long valley. There we saw many different flowers and lakes all around. When the hut owner told us that the hut is already booked I think we looked quite stupid… We had to walk down to the next hut approx. 1000m below the other one. The path was a long and boring road… For some time the weather has been expected to change to rain and thunderstorm. And when we looked up to the sky it was obvious that it was only a question of hours before the storm will start. So we hurried like idiots down the long road to the next Rifugio. Two hours before the storm we finally arrived… This is still enough time but on the other hand we didn’t know when it is going to start… I guess every friend of mountaineering knows this feeling… In the end we ordered half a liter of wine to finish this day.

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