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Puerto de Mogan

Puerto de Mogan is also known as "Little Venice". We visited the "Big Venice" the year before and now we wanted to know how this "Little Venice" looks like.

Actually we wanted to cycle from Maspalomas to Puerto to Mogan, but the guy at the bike rental told us that it is not allowed to cycle on the road between Puerto Rico and Puerto de Mogan, because it has a long dark tunnel.

We had a look at the map and saw that there was a ship going from Puerto Rico to Puerto de Mogan. Therefore we took our bikes and cycled up to Puerto Rico. Actually the street next to the coast is quite nice, it goes always up and down. But after we passed Arguineguin there was a lot of traffic. That was not very nice. But after about one hour we arrived safely in Puerto Rico. Puerto Rico looked a lot different that what we expected! There were huge hotels and no real beach. Instead of a beach there was a lot of concrete. So we had a break and looked for the ship. We could find it and it was no problem to take the bikes with us. So we took the next ship to Puerto de Mogan. It was shaking a lot!

When we arrived in Puerto de Mogan it was really hot! The sun was burning. So we took a short walk around the canals, took some photos of this nice town and then decided to take the ship back to Arguineguin to leave out the part of the road with so much traffic. After we arrived back in Arguinenguin we cycled back to Maspalomas. All in all a very relaxing day 🙂


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