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Bike Tour Soria

During our last holiday on Gran Canaria we cycled to Soria and back. But this time we wanted to know what happens when we continue to cycle uphill just before Soria. After the many kilometers steep uphill, before Soria we turned left and continued cycling up. The road was very nice, almost no cars and a nice view around.

After a long and hot ascent we started to think about going back the same way. Our map said that there would be a path down to Soria from the other side and actually it would be really nice to take this path back down, so that we do not have to cycle the same way back, but we do not really trust this map.. and maybe the path is even too small to be cycled.
But just when we thought about giving up and cycling back down we came around one turn and saw a kiosk! In the middle of nowhere some Spanish man were selling fruit and drinks! We were very exhausted because of the heat and had an orange and a sprite. After a big break in the shadow of one tree we felt a whole lot better and decided to cycle up to the path that was shown in the map.

After some kilometres we reached a "relaxing area" with a small beach at a lake. And after some more kilometres we reached the path and met some German people who told us that it would be very nice to cycle this path down to Soria with the mountainbikes. So we continued! The path was really good, but also really bumpy 😀 On the way down we met many sheep and goat. When you come to Soria using this path you have a great view of the lake!

From Soria we continued the well known way down to Maspalomas, all in all this tour is really worth cycling.


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