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When the weather in the dolomites became cold and rainy we decided to take the bus from Cortina d'Ampezzo to Venice. That seemed to be a good idea, because in Venice we had sunshine and around 32 degrees.

Because we did this trip very spontaneously we had no accommodation reserved. This was not so good - we asked in many hotels if we can stay for one night, but there were no beds available. There were so many people in Venice!

Then we found an available hotel room - but it was very expensive. We checked in and were a bit disappointed that the air conditioning was not working. It was still very hot.

We started to walk around the historic town and were impressed. It's definitely a city worth visiting. Very nice that there are no cars or motorbikes. We enjoyed sitting at the sea and in the evening we had some pizza.

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Hi, my name is Carsten. As long as I can remember I like nature in all its forms and colours. I like hiking, cycling and travelling all over the world. Furthermore I am interested in photography. Here I want to share my interests and experiences with you.