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Hiking through the Brenta

We decided to spent our summer dolomiti holiday 2010 in the Brenta. It was the beginning of September and we took the train from Stuttgart to Trento. There we stayed in a hostel next to the train station. It was very noisy the whole night and we slept quite bad. The next morning we take the bus from Trento to Madonna di Campiglio. During the drive it is raining and getting colder. When we arrive we go to the next supermarket and buy some food.
It's really cold. We start to walk and after a few minutes the sun comes out! The blue sky is coming. The weather is changing, really good. So we continue to walk up to the Rifugio Graffer.
There we want to spend the first night. We walk up to the Passo Groste and enjoy being back in the Dolomites.
The next morning we wanted to the first part of the Bocchette way through the whole Brenta. We walk again up to the Passo Groste and go to the beginning of the first via ferrata. Actually the weather is fine, but
a storm is coming. It's really windy and the path is frozen! We think and think and thinks and finally decide to go back down and walk an easy path to the Rifugio Tuckett. Arriving there it is still very windy.
We think it was a good decision to go back, because we didn't know how frozen and difficult the via ferrata would have been. From the Rifugio Tuckett we take the via ferrata SOSAT to the Rifugio Alimonta. The Rifugio Alimonta is
wonderfully situated in the heart of the Brenta. We are lucky - there are only two more beds available for this night, and we can have them! We have some drinks and great food and talk to some people and decide to do the
Bocchette Centrale the next day. Because we went a different way then planned today we cannot do the Bocchette Alte (which is longest and most difficult of the via ferratas in the Brenta). But the whole mountain
range here is wonderful, so it does not really matter which way you are going.
The next morning we walk up a little glacier and enjoy the view from the Bocchette Centrale. We walk along the path and around the 'Needle'. Then we arrive at the Rifugio Tosa around lunch time. We have some
spagetti and decide to spent the afternoon relaxing in the sunshine. What a great time!
The next morning we start early and go up to the beginning of the Sent. Brentari/Sent. dell'Ideale. We climb up and down until we reach the d'Ambiez glacier. We walk over the glacier to the beginning of the next via ferrata part.
Another up and down and then the next glacier. With our crampons these glaciers are no problem, but without them it can be very slippery. After the last glacier we walk for another hour until we arrive at the XII Apostel Hut.
What a cosy hut with a nice warm oven! We enjoy the evening and night there. The next morning there are many clouds and we walk back down to Madonna di Campiglio. A great tour trough the wonderful Brenta! Lots of sunshine and blue sky - no Brenta fog 🙂

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