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Hiking trough the lost barranco

Today we start at Playa del Ingles taking the bus no. 30 to "Bahia Feliz". Bahia Feliz is part of the commune San Bartolome de Tirajana and approximately has 175 citizens.
A big building there is the Orquidea hotel.We get off the bus and cross the main street (which is parallel to the highway) using the nearby footbridge. We directly reach the bus stop on the opposite side (N 27° 47.145, W 015° 30.992).

A few meters further we follow the sign "Cantera" (stone pit). First, we cross the highway using a short tunnel. Leaving the tunnel we come to a junction - we decide to take the straight way (N 27° 47.260, W 015° 30.830).

We follow the path, passing two small buildings (N 27° 47.147, W 015° 30.988). We follow the path down the hill and turn left until we come to another junction. To the right we see a dam. The left path leads us deeper into the barranco.

Left and right huge walls loom large. After maybe a 30 minutes walk the street comes to an end. We decide to take a break, here.

From here a fixed rope route starts ("La Primera Luna" - The first moon). To the right a small path (maybe not even a path) leads to an overhang. There turn right and go around the corner. This is where the fixed rope route starts.

From here one has a great view. Today, we decided not to make it. Instead we went deeper into the barranco. There was supposed to be a pool and a waterfall and due to the hot weather we had a good motivation to find it.

On our way we saw lots of interesting plants.


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