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Today we decided to do a hike that is not too difficult because our muscles were still aching from yesterday. So we walked from Oberstdorf to Gerstruben and from there we continued to the Dietersbachalp. Now the ascent to the Älpelesattel starts. It is about 1780 m high. To reach this point we had to walk through lots of grass, scrubs and trees. It was not so nice, because it was really hot today and there was almost no fresh air between all the plants. Having reached the highest point we took a long break and enjoyed the view to the famous summit of the Höfats. We also saw some people climbing up there! Because of the steep grass paths it is dangerous to go up there. From the Älpelesattel we go back down to the Käseralpe. There we enjoy a drink before continuing to the Oytalhaus. From here we take the scooter back to Oberstdorf which is a lot of fun. All in all a path with beautiful views, but I would prefer to walk it in the autumn when the plants are not so big anymore.

Today was said to be a very sunny day, so I decided to take the Nebelhorn cable car up to the Edmund Probst Haus. From there a very beautiful path leads to the so called Laufbacher Eck. In the beginning there were more clouds than sunshine, but still the view is really worth walking this way. Shortly after the start you can look down to the beautiful Seealpsee. After reaching the highest point a steep decent starts before it goes up again to Himmeleck. Actually this is a really nice place to take a break but today it was really stormy! So I went quickly down to the Käseralpe. From here the way continues all the way through the beautiful Oytal. Passing many cows I reach the Oytalhaus. From there you can decide to walk 90 minutes down to Oberstdorf or to take scooter - I decided for the scooter and 15 minutes later I was back in Oberstdorf.

Spontaneously we decided to stay one more day in Oberstdorf than we have actually planned. The weather forecast was quite good and so we decided to go for another hike. Beside hiking we wanted to try some of the things we have learned in the photography lesson with Heinz Zak the day before. We decided to hike from Oberstdorf to the Fiderepass Hut, have a drink and then hike back to Oberstdorf. We took the "Panorama Path" up to the Fidere-Scharte and from there down to the Fiderepass Hut. The path from the Fidere-Scharte to the Fiderepass Hut was still full with snow. Especially the upper part was quite steep and not so nice. However, we finally arrived at the hut and ordered something to drink. It was so nice to sit up here in the sun watching all the mountains aground and enjoying a cold beer. This is always the moment when you can forget the hurting feet 😉 From the Fiderepass Hut we walked down to the Fellhornbahn Talstation (about 3:15). From here we took the bus back to Oberstdorf.
All in all it was a nice trip with great weather and some nice photo spots. Just around the Fidere-Scharte there was a little more snow than expected. We are already looking forward to be back in the mountains.

Today we participated a photography lesson with Heinz Zak - a famous mountain and landscape photographer. More precisely it was a kind of "photography hike". Together with eight other participants we have been taken to Renksteg. From here we started to hike to the Freiberg See. Everyone had his own camera and mount and here and there we stopped to practice different techniques. Heinz always gave some hints regarding the scene and the camera settings. From our perspective it was also very useful to compare and discuss different images with respect to the layout, exposure and focus settings. After about 5 hours a small bus took us back to the center of Oberstdorf. Here we all were sitting together for another hour discussing different photography topics and enjoying the prepared food. Finally, Heinz gave us a presentation of his new exhibition - most of his photos were taken in the Karwendel. Personally we think the photos are absolutely great!
All in all we have to say the whole event was very well organized by the Oberstdorf tourism center - you did a good job! 🙂 We are already looking forward to  next year. We plan to participate the "photography biwak" at the Nebelhorn then.

Again we were visiting Oberstdorf for a few days - this time to visit a photography course with Heinz Zak - a famous mountain and landscape photographer. We arrived one day earlier and decided to make a short hike in the afternoon. Even if we have been there before we decided to hike to the Rubihorn summit again. From Oberstdorf and back it takes something between 4 and 7 hours - depending on the walking speed. Most of the path upwards was just a zig-zag and the sun was burning quite much. After about 2 hours we arrived at the Rubihorn and took a long break. Actually we were expecting quite a lot of people up there since it was Sunday and the weather was nice but actually there were just six or seven other hikers. At the summit we were able to observe daws.
The path from the summit down to the Gaisalpsee took about 45 minutes. Here we made another break and enjoyed the sunlight dancing on the lake. From the lake we further followed the path downwards to the Gaisalpe. After about 1 hour we arrived at the Gaisalpe and enjoyed a cold apple soda 🙂 From here we were heading back to Oberstdorf (about 90 minutes). We think the Rubihorn is always worth a hike. Especially after a long winter break the Rubihorn is always a good starting point to get used to the mountains again 🙂